Are you a GameChanger?

If you’re an experienced GameChanger interested in working with GC360, let us know! We’re looking for people with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

Gender • Women, peace and security • Combat integration • Informal justice and human rights • Youth • Tribalism/clans
Peace and conflict • Marginalized populations • Organizational change • Human centered design • Counterterrorism
Counterinsurgency • Stabilization • Conflict mitigation • Peacebuilding • Resiliency • Countering violent extremism

We’re also looking for people who are committed to helping others create the results they want, have a good sense of humor, and the ability to get the job done without whining. (Venting is fine. Whining is not. :) )

By filling out a fairly painless form, we’ll consider including you on our all-star roster. That way we can match your skills with the right GC360 project.

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Questions? Send us a message.