May Newsletter- Men and Gender Equality: Who’s Doing What?


Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus. And, yes, dear readers there are men who not only recognize the benefits of gender equality, but also actively promote it.

Too often gender equality is seen as a women’s issue. The term “gender” is used interchangeably with “women.” Gender equality programs often simply “add women and stir.” Gender justice becomes synonymous with women’s rights. To clarify this misunderstanding, we sought the assistance of Wikipedia (the fount of all wisdom…). According to Wikipedia, gender equality “is the state of equal access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender.”

Now that everything is crystal clear, keep reading to learn about some very impressive (and inspiring) initiatives where men and boys take the lead in promoting gender equality. They’re the GameChangers we love to see!

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March Newsletter – Food security and conflict


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Think violent conflict occurs because of clashing ideologies? A weak economy? Too much corruption? Yes, it can. But it can also result from food insecurity. Remember when your high-school history teacher discussed how bread riots contributed to the French Revolution? Well that’s not just ancient history. Food insecurity still contributes to political instability and violent conflict today.

So, what is “food security”? According to the World Food Programme, people are considered food secure when they have availability and adequate access at all times to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life. You’ll learn much more about food security — and insecurity — by perusing our recommended reads. The first one is a Boston Globe article that was actually published in 2015 Yes, it’s a bit dated, but we’re sharing it first since it’s a quick read that tells a good — albeit distressing — story about how food insecurity drove a revolution. For our readers who — like the GC360 team — really like quick reads, but also appreciate the deep thinking evident in academic papers and research reports, we’re also sharing two reports that dig into this month’s topic of food insecurity and its relationship to conflict.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2016

Through the Global Gender Gap Report, the World Economic Forum quantifies the magnitude of gender disparities and tracks their progress over time, with a specific focus on the relative gaps between women and men across four key areas: health, education, economy and politics. The 2016 Report covers 144 countries. More than a decade of data has revealed that progress is still too slow for realizing the full potential of one half of humanity within our lifetimes. Read the full Global Gender Gap Report for 2016

January 2017 Newsletter – Got data?

Big data. Small data. Quantitative data. Qualitative data. While too much of the stuff can make your head swim, the “right” data delivered in the “right” way helps you understand complicated issues. And helping our readers become even smarter about issues related to security, stability and change — as well as how to effectively work with them — is what GC360 is all about.
Accordingly, we’ve prepared a short list of go-to websites providing just this sort of data. Revel in the wide assortment of quality data offered below and consider yourself constructively launched into 2017. Happy New Year!