Women, Peace, & Security Index

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The Women, Peace, & Security (WPS) Index, compiled by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security and the Peace Research Institute of Oslo, draws on recognized international data sources to rank 153 countries on the condition of women and their empowerment in homes, communities, and societies more broadly. While several indices focus more narrowly on indicators of inclusion, this is the first index to capture women’s inclusion, security, and access to justice in the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda.

Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS)

Untitled-4The Women in Cyber Security initiative was launched in 2013 with support from a National Science Foundation grant. Since then, with support from various industry, government and academic partners, WiCyS has become a continuing effort to recruit, retain and advance women in cybersecurity. It brings together women (students/faculty/researchers/professionals) in cybersecurity from academia, research and industry for sharing of knowledge/experience, networking and mentoring.

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Peace x Peace

UntitledPeace X Peace is an international organization that aims to connect and amplify women’s voices, strengthen women’s capacity to connect across divides, promote leadership and equity, and nurture a global network of peacebuilders in 120 countries. Through E-Media, Mentorship, and Dialogue Programs, they connect their network of 18,000 women and create a space for them to educate, inspire and connect.

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Consortium on Gender, Security & Human Rights

gendersecurityandhumanrightsThe mission of the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights is to create a more peaceful, just and gender equitable world through programs designed to: produce cutting edge gender analysis of war and peacebuilding; transform gender and security research and policy agendas; and foster innovative education, activism and practice.


Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE)

save-sisters_0904SAVE (Sisters Against Violent Extremism) is the world’s first female counter-terrorism platform. Headquartered at the Women without Borders offices in Vienna, Austria, the SAVE initiative brings together a broad spectrum of women determined to create a united front against violent extremism. SAVE provides women with the tools for critical debate to challenge extremist thinking and to develop alternative strategies for combating the growth of global terrorism. SAVE is a Women without Borders initiative.


Global Counter-Terrorism Forum (GCTF)

GCTF“Foreign Terrorist Fighters” (FTF) Initiative
The Hague – Marrakech Memorandum on Good Practices for a More Effective Response to the FTF Phenomenon
From the Report: “Good Practice #4 – Empower those who are best-placed to affect change, including youth, families, women, and civil society, to take ownership in the development and messaging of positive counter-narratives to the violent extremist agenda.”



SaferworldSaferworld is a not-for-profit organization with programs in nearly 20 countries and territories across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Saferworld works with local people affected by conflict to improve their safety and sense of security, and conduct wider research and analysis. They use this evidence and learning to improve local, national and international policies and practices that can help build lasting peace.


All-female Guerrero vigilante group

Vigilante police groups were established in Guerrero, Mexico in response to army abuse, drug cartels, and  government corruption. They have been comprised mainly of men until September 2103 when a group of women established the first ever all-female vigilante police in Xaltianguis, Mexico. Since women began policing their town, crime has dropped substantially. See blog and photo gallery.