Brenda Oppermann

Brenda OppermannInternational Stability Operations and Development Advisor – Serving as an advisor, researcher and senior program manager for various organizations including: USAID, UN, US Institute of Peace, US Army, OSCE, NATO and assorted NGOs. Expertise in traditional justice, gender/women’s issues, civil society, governance, counterinsurgency and stabilization at strategic/policy, operational/program and tactical/implementation levels. Extensive experience working in fragile states and areas of conflict and post-conflict in Africa, Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Excellent analytical, evaluation and communication skills. Aptitude for integrating cross-cutting issues into policy and programming. Significant experience with the interagency process, civil-military relations and bi-lateral and international collaboration.

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Ellen Haring

ellen haringEllen Haring is a senior fellow with Women in International Security where she directs the Combat Integration Initiative project. She is a West Point graduate and a retired U.S. Army colonel. Presently, she is completing her PhD dissertation at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. Her research and work focuses on women and gender in the military. Haring has been a guest speaker on numerous foreign and domestic news shows, at universities and colleges, and she has been invited to address members of Congress.

Julie L. Arostegui


Julie L. Arostegui, J.D., is a lawyer and international human rights, gender and security expert with extensive experience in peace and security, combating gender-based violence, countering violent extremism, women’s political participation, rule of law, access to justice, and security sector reform. She serves as an international advocate, advisor, trainer, and researcher for the civil society, political, security, and justice sectors.

As an international advocate Julie works with domestic groups to build local capacity, strengthen institutions, create legal frameworks, build awareness, foster advocacy, and share global best practices. She also works with U.S. Members of Congress, federal agencies, and the United Nations to ensure that women and gender perspectives are included in diplomatic, development, and defense efforts in line with international and U.S. policy

Julie has served as a Senior Gender Advisor and Women, Peace and Security Advisor for several prominent organizations.  She led the Women, Peace and Security program at Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND), working to empower women politically both in the U.S. and in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Middle East and North Africa as leaders on critical issues of conflict prevention, peace building, violence against women, and national and global security. Prior to that she worked with groups in the Great Lakes region of Africa to integrate gender equality and women’s rights into post-conflict legal structures in order to further the women, peace and security framework.

Julie has managed programs related to gender, women’s rights, and the rule of law in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America, and has advised, trained, and published extensively on gender, women’s rights, human rights, international human rights law, women, peace and security, gender-based violence, and human trafficking, with audiences including judges, legal practitioners, law enforcement, military, government, social workers, religious and cultural leaders and civil society. She has also been a policy advisor on disability issues.

Julie has worked with numerous organizations including Freedom House, National Democratic Institute (NDI), U.S. Institute of Peace, Women in International Security (WIIS), One Earth Future Foundation, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), National Defense University, International Association of Women Judges, American Association of People with Disabilities, Internews, and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center/Partnership for Human Freedom. She has also held adjunct faculty appointments at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Korbel School of International Affairs at the University of Denver.

Julie holds a J.D. in international human rights law from the University of Cincinnati College of Law and a Masters in International Relations and Communications from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain. She completed her undergraduate studies at Brandeis University.


Jennifer Anderson

JAnderson headshotJennifer Anderson is an international development professional and South Asia expert. During her eight years in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh she worked on subnational governance, rule of law, women’s economic empowerment, and democracy assistance. During her two years in Afghanistan with USAID she worked on subnational governance and traditional justice. Jennifer also speaks conversational Nepali and is studying Urdu. Currently, she is the Program Officer for South Asia at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), where she oversees CIPE’s field office in Karachi, Pakistan and manages CIPE’s programs in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. She holds a B.A. in Photography and a M.S. in Cultural Geography.

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Greg Ingram

Greg Ingram photoGreg Ingram is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who spent most of his 30+-year career in Special Operations. His areas of expertise include strategic communications, conflict prevention, and peace building. Greg has designed social inclusion projects focusing on marginalized populations including women and youth and has significant experience working in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

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Dr. Dana Eyre

DanaEyreDr. Dana Eyre is a sociologist specializing in the analysis, planning, coordination, and evaluation of social change and strategic communications efforts for peace building and conflict transformation. He has lead and worked on social change projects, and strategic communications campaigns, for the US and UK governments and the United Nations, as well as commercial clients. He holds a PhD in sociology from Stanford University; has worked in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa; and has been on the faculty of the US Naval Postgraduate School, George Mason University, the United States Military Academy and the Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Center.

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Marsha Lake

MarshaLakeMarsha Lake is an adult educator and social worker with over 30 years experience supporting and facilitating individual, community, and large-scale change efforts in a wide variety of contexts. Ms. Lake’s career has focused on the application of consultative empowerment approaches to change, social system analysis (with a particular focus on using gender as an analytical tool), and the facilitation of sustained change efforts. Ms. Lake has a Masters in Peace Building and Human Security from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC, Canada, and a Diploma in Adult Education from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS, Canada.

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Humam Rajab

humamrajabHumam Rajab is a Senior Project and Outreach Officer with the Iraq Foundation. In that capacity, he led the organization’s team of local and expatriate staff in implementing projects in Iraq on economic empowerment of marginalized population; and democratic forms of governance.

Rajab holds a Master’s degree in Business Leadership from the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, and a bachelor’s from the College of Engineering, Al-Nahrain University in Baghdad.

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Shannon Meehan

Shannon MeehanShannon Meehan has worked in domestic and international community service for more than 30 years with a focus on gender-based violence (GBV). She has designed and implemented GBV projects, trainings and advocacy campaigns, with an emphasis on the relationship between GBV and human rights. Her international work concentrates on the implementation, evaluation, and improvement of humanitarian and development assistance programs throughout Africa, the Balkans, and the Middle East, including areas experiencing conflict. She is currently an international consultant for humanitarian affairs and international development.

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Sheila M.Q. Scanlon

Sheila Scanlon photoSheila M.Q. Scanlon, Colonel, USMC, (ret). served as a Senior Advisor to the Deputy Minister of Interior for Administration and Support and as a Gender Advisor for both the Ministry of Interior and Commander NTMA/CSTCA during her combat tour in Afghanistan. As a civilian, she later served as the Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) of Afghanistan for Gender Integration and was also member of the MoD Advisory Team. She earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame and an MA in National Strategic Studies and Regional Studies in the Middle East from the National War College.

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