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War shatters lives. It creates poverty and wastes billions every year. The people living in the midst of the violence often have the greatest insight into its causes. Yet they are often excluded from efforts to find a resolution. Conciliation Resources is a peacebuilding NGO supporting people at the heart of conflicts who are striving to find solutions. They work with those people to deepen their collective understanding of the conflict, bring together divided communities and create opportunities for them to resolve their differences peacefully.

Establishing a long-term, sustainable peace often requires a long process of supporting dialogue, repairing relationships, and addressing the underlying causes of conflict. Working with all those involved in and affected by a conflict is critical to bring about a lasting change.

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CDA is a non-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, committed to improving the effectiveness of international actors who provide humanitarian assistance, engage in peace practice, and are involved in supporting sustainable development.

  • CDA is grounded in field experience, rather than based on a theory or model;
  • CDA develops processes through which organizations learn with each other more than they might learn from their experience alone;
  • CDA produces lessons, tools and approaches oriented towards practical application which are broadly relevant across many contexts; and
  • Enables active international actors to learn from past experience and improve work, so that impacts are increasingly positive for the people in the societies where they work.

CDA operates on the premise that experience is a good teacher. To that end, CDA organizes collaborative learning processes to gather and analyze the experiences of international efforts. From these experiences, they identify patterns and lessons across contexts and types of programming. Their experience shows that this kind of learning enables practitioners to avoid repeating mistakes of the past and to continually improve the effectiveness of their work. Such collaborative learning efforts have involved colleagues in humanitarian assistance agencies, development agencies, peace practice groups, and corporate enterprises.


Founded in 2006, ICAN is a non-profit, US based organization whose mission is to support civil society activism in promoting women’s rights, peace and human security in countries affected by conflict, transition and closed political space. ICAN aims to support women’s efforts through bridging the divisions between activists and the policy community, elevating the voices and experiences of women activists, building skills, and ensuring the exchange of knowledge and resources.

ICAN achieves its mission through trainings, information generation, sharing and exchange, and dialogue facilitation.

ICAN places partnership and collaboration as a core principle of its interactions with other NGOs as well as academic institutions and multilateral organizations. We pride ourselves in listening to and responding to the needs of our partners in conflict affected countries. By virtue of establishing strong ties with globally renowned institutions, we can bridge the north-south divisions, and foster a mutually beneficial exchange of expertise and knowledge and practice. ICAN also believes in elevating the voices and profile of national experts onto the global arena. As such we strive to identify and work with local activists and scholars where possible.